We are proud to say that as a family, the Shaws have been in business for over 40 years.  Todd and Murray Shaw

Murray and Shona started Murray Shaw Builders in the mid-70s and Todd joined them as an enthusiastic apprentice in his late teens. Having worked together for several decades, as a team we have gained an excellent reputation as builders of quality homes and commercial premises throughout the Waikato Region.

Todd took over the business in 2022 and personally has a significant amount of experience gained both in New Zealand and Europe (England, Sweden and Denmark). As a person he is approachable, friendly and knowledgeable, making him the perfect builder to help you through your building project. Whether you are looking to construct a new building, alter or add to your existing building, or need some commercial work done, Todd will know how to help. We also take pride in the knowledge that as a team, we have gained a great reputation for completing projects on time and budget, yet without sacrificing our quality workmanship or finishing touches.

Todd is a NZ qualified builder and a Licensed Building Practitioner, with 20+ years of building experience.  He personally supervises all our jobs and our team of trusted employees, as well as manages all of our reputable subcontractors.

Todd’s wife, Eloise, is the office manager who keeps on top of all contractual requirements, finances and other office work. As a former lawyer and current environmental planner running her own business, Eloise and Todd form a great team and they are both strongly committed to providing excellent customer care with no surprises.

The tradesmen we employ enjoy working to the high standards we expect of them and get great satisfaction from completing our non-cookie-cutter projects.  Over the years, the business has employed and trained countless apprentices and young builders and we have always been sure to participate in ongoing education and construction training, to keep our skills up to date. 

When possible, we like to get involved early in the design process with our client’s designer, as we find it is to everyone’s benefit to be able to offer advice or suggestions for practical solutions as early as possible. We have strong working relationships with many local architects, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are looking for a recommendation.